Domestic Digital Pinhole Series

Domestic Digital Pinhole Series, 2019, Pigment Ink on Paper, 18 x 12 inches each.

The past influences my understanding of places, experiences, and relationships. These influences affect the perception of what is possible in the future. In the Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom series, created in 2019, I present four different rooms with a variety of different locations layered on top of the domestic spaces. This series speaks to how different encounters leave a trace on the core of who we are. The photographs in this series were created using a digital pinhole camera I designed, where the natural image outside is projected onto a set I created inside the camera. The set is made using miniature dollhouse furniture. The photograph is made digitally, using a hole in the front of the pinhole camera where I insert the lens of my DSLR camera to capture the scene. The resulting image shows an ambiguous fabricated interior space, and the image of a real space is projected onto it from the environment outside the box.

Toilet Daydreams, 2019, Stop Motion Video

Sun Over My Sofa, 2019, Stop Motion Video

Domestic Digital Pinhole Series Accordion Book

2019,  Pigment ink prints on paper, adhesive, photo corners, book cloth, book boar