Foundation I, II, and III, 2019, Pigment Print on Paper, 11 x 17 inches each

Marriage for same-sex couples has only been legal in the United States for a few years. Without having a roadmap, without seeing ourselves in history, this generation of queers is redefining the contemporary understanding of family and home.  We are in a state of in-between. This quest for queer space plays a role in the Foundation series, created in 2019.  In this work I create a miniature set;  the characters are mere molds of the furniture.  I create these molds using a flexible plastic material that is amber in color.  This color reminds me of the formaldehyde formula that is used to preserve organic material over time. The objects are hollow forms that appear to be melting. The light source is coming through a window or door of the set, creating dramatic shadows and giving the objects in the photograph a sense of place; a sense of belonging. The queer community is creating a contemporary understanding of family and home, one with the agency to choose its members and shape the way we want it to look.