Shadows of Time Installation - Participatory

2017, Installation comprised of Etchings into Plexiglass, Clear Nylon Thread, Map Pins, Flashlights 


Shadows of Time, is a participatory installation. The viewers are asked to take a flashlight and guide their way through the space, to play with the shadows.  The photographs, archiving my own personal experiences and memories, are etched into clear plexiglass. The photos are barely visible until they are activated by the flashlight, thus throwing a shadow of the image onto the wall. This is a visual representation of how memories may lie dormant until they are prompted by the present, and the degree of their visibility relies on how much attention you give them. Depending on the movement of the light, or the number of light sources, photos begin to change in scale and value, overlap, interact, and influence the visibility of one another. The artwork can also be viewed using spotlights, creating a more stagnant experience, one that doesn't necessitate the viewer for completion.