Deception plays a large role in my work. I want the viewer to question the veracity of what they are looking at; to be with the work long enough to see past their assumptions.  When there is a void in my memory, my mind often tries to fill the vacancy by using related experiences. This emptiness and nostalgia for a past that was not mine, reverberates in my photographic work.  A nostalgia for the happy home life I saw on television and in the media while growing up, that I swore everyone must be experiencing but me - but it’s all a mirage.

My exploration into memory, considering ideas of time, temporality, and perspective, is housed within the representation of domestic spaces. The creation of this body of work facilitated the creation of my own version of home, envisioning the possibilities of my future. I illustrate this exploration by blurring the absorbed reality of miniature environments and objects of life size. This alternation in scale confuses the viewer’s perspective of what is real.